Do you sell the finished furniture?
No. We only sell plans and hardware and plans to clients who want to manufacture their furniture locally.

Do I need certain skills to manufacture the furniture?
No. Our digital plans are CNC ready which means your CNC equipped maker can digitally cut the parts with them like a printer would print a PDF document. You do need some common skills for the assembly.

Will you send fittings to anywhere in the world?
No. At the moment we only ship to FedEx destinations except Mexico, India, Canada and England.

Will I have to pay taxes when the products reach customs?
Most likely. You should check with your local customs office or customs agent regarding imports of furniture fittings from Uruguay.

Do you adapt plans for other mattress lodges?
No, we don’t currently take customization orders. We only provide the plans featured on this site.

Does the fitting include the screws necessary to assemble the non-moving parts of the furniture?
Yes, our hardware kits include every component of the finished furniture but the wood parts to be locally cut by a CNC machine.

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