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Double Bed + Desk under development

Dear everyone, I’m finishing the design of the DWBD model.

Here’s the first renders to show what it’ll look like in both positions. The first two versions will launch in 1400 x 1900 mm mattress for the international market and 54 x 75 inches for the US Market.

The parts in the DXF plans are nested so that you can combine 2 surfaces like shown in the renders above. The first three sheets of the digital plans contain the parts with surfaces in woodgrain and the last one contains the parts in white.

Regarding the time for completion I hope I can get it out in February 2018.

Feel free to reply if you have any question.

2 replies to “Double Bed + Desk under development

  1. Still working on the Assembly Instructions of the DWBD V3 model!!
    As you can see in the first image above I changed the grid-type mattress support for 2 solid boards so it’ll be simpler than the single bed + desk model. I wanna make it easy and self explanatory so anyone no matter how skillful can assemble it.

  2. Finally the Double Wall Bed + Desk in 1400 mm x 1900 mm mattress is finished and available at Took months but the product came out great. Now working on the 1400 x 2000 mm mattress version which will be published soon. I’ll be announcing here and by e-mail to subscribers.

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