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fittingsHub’s own hDesk under development

Do you know the Hiddenbed model hDesk?

It’s an awesome furniture combination that is a personal workstation and modular meetings table at the same time. It has the potential to change the way work spaces are planned by allowing the same space collaborators use for their personal work to become a meetings room on demand. Check out Hiddenbed’s demo:

I’m working on a hDesk design which uses the long lasting, heavy-duty Hiddenbed hardware kits and drastically reduces the unit cost by letting you make your own furniture parts, which in also allows you to choose materials and fit it’s appearance to your taste.

Still need to adapt the Hiddenbed hardware to my design, make a first prototype, test it heavily and make a second and final prototype so it’ll take months. Hopefully enough time for you to plan how your new flexible office and teamwork dynamic will be like.

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